Rehaume Oilfield Services Ltd.

Our Services

Lease Construction – read details »

We build all types and sizes of leases, including cold production engineered, and gas well sites using a wide variety of equipment ranging from dozers, packers, buggies, graders and rock trucks.

Lease Reclamation – read details »

We have extensive experience in lease reclamation and oilfields sites, from forests to farmland. We have the highest standards when it comes to restoring our beautiful lands in Alberta and British Columbia.

Lease Remediation – read details »

We have experience in completing several different remediation projects including excavating, piling and hauling contaminated soils to landfill sites. We also provide hauling in clean fill, as well as packing and bringing back to grade.

Road Construction – read details »

We are able to build many types of roads ranging from oilfield roads, well sites access and cold production sites. We also build private and commercial approaches and driveways, all meeting municipal regulations.

Oilfield Construction – read details »

We have been involved in all types of oilfield construction throughout our years of experience, from plant site work to active pad sites, including grader work, drainage issues, pad repair, maintenance work, compaction, road repairs and clean-ups.

Civil Consturction – read details »

We are able to complete civil construction projects from small water and sewer jobs to main line replacements and repair, basements and demolition projects and site prep grading.

Environmental Work – read details »

Rehaume Oilfield Services Ltd. has the expertise and equipment to complete work in environmentally sensitive areas including river crossings.